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I went to cookout late a few days ago...I went through the drive thru as I usually do and of course I had to send my drink back because it was the wrong size, I was ordered a "huge" drink and received a medium with literally 5 pieces of ice floating on top. Also they took forever!!!

Once I got all the way home, which is about 20 minutes away, I ate my first sandwich and everything was great, I then went to eat my second sandwich and thank god I had to take the top bun off to scrape the pound of mayo off because right in the middle of the sandwich, under the mayo, was a bright yellow bread tie!!!! I was in complete shock!!!! How in the world does a bread tie end up in the middle of the sandwich under the mayo? Especially since they usually put the mayo on last then put on the top bun.

They had to have seen a bright *** yellow bread tie sitting in the middle sandwich! I don't know if it was put there on purpose or not, just judging on how it was positioned in the middle of my sandwich and because the girl who took my order got an attitude because it was a special order, no lettuce or tomato, and I asked her politely if she could make sure that it was right before they bagged it because they always messed it up, and then I sent back my drink because it was the wrong size. In my opinion it was done on purpose. The thing that got burned me up the most was that my 5 year old son was taking bites of my sandwiches as he always does.

If I hadn't have checked the second sandwich it could've gotten in his mouth, he could've choked on it or swallowed it and it cause major issues internally! So I drove all the way back after calling to address my issue with the manager on duty, when I get there the manager was no where to be found and one of the other employees came up and said he was outside talking to a table of girls. Once he was inside and I went off on him he acted like it was no big deal what so ever! And that made me even more angry!!!

What got me was a young teenager came up and asked for a water cup and put tea in it, they dropped everything they were doing to stop him from getting out of the door without paying for. One of the cashiers nearly shoved me out of the way to stop him. I mean really??? I have a plastic and metal bread tie in my food and it's treated as no big deal but god forbid someone walk out and not pay $1.06 for a small sweet tea!!

Needless to say I will never go back to the Salisbury, NC Cookout EVER AGAIN! They lost my business forever when they treated mine and my kids health like it was no big deal, like that *** happens all time! I even called the complaint line and got to put in a complaint and the girl said the district manager would call me back the next day personally and would want the pictures I took emailed to him A.S.A.P.

Well guess what I haven't heard from him either! Worthless *** company in my opinion!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cook Out Sandwich.

Reason of review: object in food!.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Try treating people with respect rather than "going off on them". You'll be amazed how people react differently.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1289204

The tie had already found it's way into his sandwich. Too late to be nice.

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