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    • Milkshake 2
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    • Customer service and order failure 3
    • Management 2
    • Racism and prejudice for disabled people 2

Just courteous, fast service. The cashiers were all smiles, as if they were glad to see me. I LOVED IT!! May God continue to bless this company as you share Jesus' love through beautiful smiles, good food, good customer service and Bible verses. I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!! I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!! I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!!I LOVED IT!! I LOVED IT!!I LOVED... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 14
  • #936962

Horrible window order person. I asked for extra Oreos in my shake and the person just told me the total. I sat there still saying hello to confirm if I can have extra Oreos and no response. So I drove off. Just because the person is having a bad day does not mean they can take it out on the customers.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 12
  • #935686

The fact, I paid $34 for my *** food and it's messed up the first time, come thru the second time and it's even worse so I go back the third time and it is more messed up. Even if I show the burgers and my order to them, showing it is wrong along with my receipt, they said it was made right. This is a piece of *** place with rude managers and general managers who need to get their orders correct.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 09
  • #933843

I ate at cookout 3 dayd ago i got the burger tray with chick wrap onion rings and a burger the chicken was pink inside abd onion rings were cold ive been sick ever since

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Rep.Dee...heavy black girl..would not give me her last name or the store number and refuse to sell me the coke float with nuts..a product i purchase at least 4 times a week at all of your charlotte locations since cookout has been in charlotte.. ..with no problem...i dont appreciate her attitude and her stance on not satisfying the customer ...( cookout on Freedom Drive in Charlotte North Carolina about midnight October 8th 2016).. Read more

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Hi I am very unsatisfied with the management in Mechanicsville Virginia at the cookout

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Hey, when I order the 2 hotdog tray and want to add chili & cheese....I shouldnt be charged doible on those. Used to be 1 foot hotdogs and charged once. 90 cents per hotdog is ridiculous! So maybe you can consider changing this, please?!!? Thank you for your time, Theresa Hipp

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 26
  • #925898

My burger did not get cheese on it the fries were cold I asked for sauce twice and didn't get it I've had much better service than this

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I place an order at cookout #7442 on Union road in Gastonia, NC, last night and order 2 one tray i order the 1/4 lb burger, fries, and nuggets with a burger wasnt done or fixed the way i ordered it and my sprite was nasty. It tasted like setzer the 2nd tray i ordered chicken tenders, fries and a corndog with a sprite....i only got 2 small chicken tenders in my plate, my corndog was cold and my sprite tasted the... Read more

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Cook Out Wrap Review from Concord, North Carolina
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Let me start out by saying my family and I enjoy eating at cookout. Today we went it and ordered the usual. The queso wraps had almost any meat on it. We noticed this once we got home. We called the store and the district manager answered also the one whom prepared our order. He was so rude. Accused us of scrapping meat off the queso and then taking pictures of it to call in and complain. Like really this is a $5 meal...Seriously. If this is... Read more

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