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I place an order at cookout #7442 on Union road in Gastonia, NC, last night and order 2 one tray i order the 1/4 lb burger, fries, and nuggets with a burger wasnt done or fixed the way i ordered it and my sprite was nasty. It tasted like setzer the 2nd tray i ordered chicken tenders, fries and a corndog with a sprite....i only got 2 small chicken tenders in my plate, my corndog was cold and my sprite tasted the... Read more

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Cook Out Wrap Review from Concord, North Carolina
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Let me start out by saying my family and I enjoy eating at cookout. Today we went it and ordered the usual. The queso wraps had almost any meat on it. We noticed this once we got home. We called the store and the district manager answered also the one whom prepared our order. He was so rude. Accused us of scrapping meat off the queso and then taking pictures of it to call in and complain. Like really this is a $5 meal...Seriously. If this is... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 04
  • #913065

Very bad costumer service at cookout on Patton ave. Had to wait to order for 5 min while the other lane were being helped. After I pulled up to the window to ask why nobody was answering all she did is say I am not dealing with this costumer. I only asked simple question. HORRIBLE service

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My family and i went to cookout over a month ago and to my surprise they took the money out today..why is there such a delay in submitting payment and why werent we as customers aware of such a long delay? This is very fustrating to me as i am a single parent and live paycheck to paycheck!! What would have happened had the money not been in my would that problem been taken care of as it would have or could have been a real issue... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 01
  • #911580

I come to the cookout in Anderson sc a lot but it's a hassle everytime I sit in the drive thru for no less than 15 mins son loves coming here and it's convenient so that's the only reason.please talk to your staff about speeding it up some!!!

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I stopped by the cook out on Sardis Road and waited 10 minutest inside to order. I only ordered a milkshake. After I paid, I continued to wait over 10 minutes. While waiting, customers that came in after me received their orders that contained multiple items. I requested my money back and it took over 5 minutes. So 25-30 minutes after arrival...I left empty handed and disappointed. Needless to say, this was the worst experience I've ever had at... Read more

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Went there, been a constant customer for years. Asked, like usual, if she could put 4 orders of chicken nuggets into a tray box so I didn't have to use up 4 hot dog boxes for 5 nuggets ea. She says no, and has a bad attitude since that. I ask which of the two milkshakes is which. Instead of answering a simple question, the lady goes "Well, THIS one is green. Which one do you *** think is mint?". Will not be returning to cookout again, I am... Read more

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Make sure your order us correct before you leave - given wrong sandwich at drive thru with sauce my kid is allergic to - we were on a trip tried to get another restaurant to fix it - they say they cannot due to their system and told us to drive 50 miles to original restaurant to fix their mistake - as if anyone is going to burn 3 hours of time over a $3 sandwich / antithesis of Nordstrom customer service Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 23
  • #906073

Concord, NC. The last two times we went there, there was no place to park. The parking area waz full of young trashy looking people. Reported the situation to corporate, but they gave no indication of caring. We won't be going back.

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Cookout use to be one of my favorites but the last 2 times we've been it's been very poor service. Tonight my husband was trying to order and the girl kept on interrupting him. When we got to the window of course my hamburger was wrong cause she wouldn't stop talking long enough for him to order. Then we don't never get napkins anymore. My tea had absolutely no ice in it (like it had been sitting there). The last time I went i had to take my... Read more

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