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    • Customer service and order failure 3
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We went to cookout in Goldsboro NC on Sunday 11/27 @5:45 pm my daughter stood in line while I sat on the car and waiting for over 30 mins I had to go in spoke to a manager & all he could say was they were busy yet I told him 13 people have already walked out the door with food & she still hasnt gotten her food & all he could say was do u want a milkshake for your wait!!! No I dont what I would like is better service and you need better... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 18
  • #957191

Ordered a cheeseburger try at the huntersville location with a quesadilla and fries get the tray home and no cheeseburger just two quesadillas?? I mean what the *** how hard is it to listen to a order everyone working there should be fired. This is ridiculous!!

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Last three times i have bought shakes at the Mechanicsville location, the order has been wrong the last time at the broad street location three trips through the drive thru and myorder was incorrect. In the last month i have been served the wrong thing too many times to count. I have been to every richmond va. location and service has been terrible. The seldom occasion when y'all get it right the food is great. ..its a shame the service is lousy... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 13
  • #954037

The statesville, nc cookout ppl are very rude!! How you gonna basically yell at ppl to speak up when your speaker on your drive thru barely works?? It was so hard to understand what they were saying. Then they wanna get a *** attitude and act like its my fault? I wont be back!

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Me an my kids went after church to cookout, they had already ate at church so my son only wanted a fry after he said he wanted nuggets as well.. so when i got to the window i ask to change my order. The manager got called over, him an the ladies at the drive thru al proceeded to talk *** an run theur mouths. Mad as could be because i ask to change my order. I then told the girl when she opened the window to take my money, i could hear everything... Read more

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Hello I bought a chicken strip dinner tonight got home and started eating I didn't realize how hard they cooked the chicken strip because it cracked my tooth when I was chillin I felt something hard and started pulling the food out and my tooth was in the mess of it so obviously I stopped eating the chicken strip I can't believe they cooked it so darn hard that literally me trying to chew it it was like me eating a hard candy I'm letting you... Read more

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  • Oct 30
  • #945959

I went to the cookout on Austell in Ga and not only did they not serve my ONE item which was an oreo milkshake but the team members were just chatting. Customer service is terrible!! Seriously they didn't even make my order and it wasnt that busy at that moment.

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  • Oct 28
  • #944863

Ordered a tray with 2 hotdogs, fries and onion rings. After waiting THIRTY FIVE MINUTES, I got one hot dog and two sides of onion rings. Very disappointed

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Went through drive thru. Sounds like they were partying inside and couldn't take the order. When food was delivered it was wrong and there were no drinks offered. When they were told this the three at the window started giggling. When I asked what was so funny, the girl called the manager to the window who then gave me my change and tea? I told him we had ordered coke. I also told him the girls shouldn't be handling food and drinks because... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 24
  • #942697

It took my husband and I almost 30 minutes to get our food in the drive thru...a cookout tray and 2 orders of nuggets.The workers were just standing around talking and laughing. It seems like this cookout is getting slower and slower!

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